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The following text consists of information about this System as well as conditions and limitations for use. Please read carefully.

Welcome to this System for travel planning, booking, management, and expense reporting! This System is based on cytric 15 Travel & Expense.

This site may allow bookings for air, car, hotel, and rail, and may allow travel expense reporting. Individual settings may result in different functionality.

Your System Administrator has stored rules and regulations to govern the use of this system. Contact your System Administrator for details on these rules and regulations.

Your are using this System at will. You confirm that you understand that you are liable for all bookings you make and for any damage that may occur to the System, the System provider or any vendor used. Your System provider has the right to communicate with you via eMail. Your System provider may, at any time, restrict the use of the System or turn it off altogether.


Any content provided by this System, including fares, rates and prices, is not guaranteed. Any liability because of wrong information presented to the user or any vendor or provider is expressly excluded. The availability of the system is not guaranteed.